Forming an Alliance with other players is a vital part of Uprising Empires allowing you to expand your dominance across a larger scale with the help of new allies. Create your own or join an existing alliance to meet new players and experience the following benefits:

Alliance shopEdit

Once you are a member of an Alliance you will receive 'Alliance Gold' by looting from other players as well as completing daily missions. This gold is collected by every member of the alliance and allows the leader to purchase alliance items (a Plus Feature). These purchased items will be displayed on the alliance page where alliance members can use their built up 'Fame' points to buy if they desire.

Zone ConqueringEdit

With the help of your alliance members' armies you can conquer and unify your race so that your alliance can move on to bigger tasks.

World ConqueringEdit

After unifying your empire the restriction on attacking rival empires will be lifted allowing you to invade other empires and prove that your race was the chosen leader of the world. The Empire whose alliances control the largest section of the world map are considered the winners but once you reach the top you must be ready to prove your ability at any given time or risk your empire being toppled by an eager rival attempting to shine.