Combat in Uprising Empires is calculated over a series of battle rounds, when engaging in combat with NPC's or other players you will need to pay close attention to the following attributes:



Defense (Infantry, Range, Cavalry and Weaponry)

Attack VS Defense

The side with higher strength will win the battle. Casualties are determined by the strength difference of the attacking and defending force.

Strength of Attacker is calculated by HP and Attack power.

Strength of Defender is calculated by HP and Infantry OR Range OR Cavalry OR Weaponry Defense (Depends on the unit type of the attacker).

The Battle Round system

A 'Battle Round' refers to a behind the scenes round of battle that consists of all units from both armies having fought each other once. The number of rounds for each battle depends on the battle type selected by the attacker at the start of the military action.

A general break down of the Battle Round system is as follows:

Army 'A' has 2 unit groups: a, b

Army 'B' has 3 unit groups: x, y and z

A round will end when these two unit groups have fought: (i) a vs. x, (ii) b vs. y, (iii) a vs. z

Each unit group will fight at least one time in a round