A smart Warlord is always looking over their shoulder for any potential threats to their reign. In such a war driven world you can be sure that once you have proven yourself to be competent on the field you will be attracting the attention of nearby Warlords who will be more than ready to burn all that you have worked to build to the ground. Don't sit back and let that happen, separate friend from foe and strike your enemies before they have the chance to attack you!

Maximize the potential of your armyEdit

With so much at stake no fellow player will allow you to simply waltz into their city and destroy all their hard work so be sure if you are to embark on an invasion that your army are fully prepared for the task at hand. Train them hard and train them well so the enemy cannot repay the favor at a later stage.

Assign a Trebuchet to your invading armyEdit

Remember if you are aiming to destroy a rival's buildings you need to be sure that a Trebuchet has been assigned to your army. By destroying a key building in a city will reduce the stability of the settlement and cause a drop in population.

Send a Colonizer to capture the cityEdit

After the population of the city has dropped to a certain level you can send in a Colonizer to secure and capture the city. The effectiveness of the colonizer is dependent on their research level so be sure you have invested healthily in the abilities of these units.


After capturing a city you will receive a short protection period that prevents you from being attacked immediately again. Use this time effectively to rebuild the defenses of the city and make the new settlement as strong as your other territories.