Once you enter Age IV you will be able to use your races unique special building to train high powered 'Elite' units that are exclusive to each civilization. These units are only accessible upon reaching Age IV and will cost considerably more resources to develop.

The Elite units and special buildings are:

  • The Mongols

Special Building: Chamber of Erlik

Elite Units: Naffatun, Mangudai & Elite Mangudai

  • The Turks

Special Building: Ertuğrul's Edifice

Elite Units: Janissary, Qapukulu & Elite Qapukulu

  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Special Building: Templar Society

Elite Unit: Templar Crossbowmen, Knights Templar & Elite Knights Templar

  • The Byzantine Empire

Special Building: Kataphraktoi Fort

Elite Unit: Greek Firethrower, Cataphract & Elite Cataphract