City MapEdit

The standard city map is where you will build the majority of your standard facilities. As you advance through the ages you can unlock more buildings giving you a completely new look and feel to your cities.

City map

City Map

Outer City MapEdit


The outer region of your city is where you will be able to build all the various resource structures in the game (Metal, Wood, Stone and Food)

Middle MapEdit


This map serves the purpose of providing you with information of cities and allowing you to launch attacks on your selected target. On the middle map you will be able to find out about other player's cities and NPC settlements that litter the wilderness. To get a closer look at a specific region or see a surrounding area you can zoom in and out by using the scroll button on your mouse.

World MapEdit

World map

The vast World Map will show the locations of owned cities, allies' cities as well as special cities scattered throughout the globe. When using this view you can double click on a specific point of the map to move directly there.