The Market is the place to top up your resources or obtain that extra resource that is just a little bit too far out of your reach. In the Market you can trade with other players and buy resources directly from the NPC's in the area. Just remember to have enough space in your Trade Cart before you begin your shopping spree! The following options are available to you in the marketplace:

Create TradeEdit

Select this option to create your own trade. You will need to confirm the amount offered to the other party as well as the required resources and amount.

Select TradeEdit

This option allows you to see what other users are offering to trade. When you find what you are looking for press the start button to initiate the trade. This process will be automatic and seamless if you have enough resources in your trade cart.

Send resourcesEdit

Allows you to send your resource to another city under your control.


Use Diamonds to buy resources directly from NPC's.