Military is a very important element in Uprising Empires. After all, if you want to conquer the world you need troops and you must know everything about their strengths and weaknesses if you are to rise to the top of the food chain.

Training UnitsEdit

Before you can embark on your crusade of trying to take over the world you must first assemble a military. Be aware that buildings have specific purposes and can only train troops of a particular class. The following list will explain these specifics:

  • Barracks

Infantry units trained here.

  • Civil Workshop

Spy, Alliance Gold Looter, Colonizer and the Trade Cart can be trained / constructed here.

  • Archery Range

Train Ranged units here.

  • Stable

Cavalry Units can be trained here.

  • Siege Work Shop

Craft Siege weaponry and various Vehicles here.

Special BuildingEdit

Used for training the unique units of each race. In order to increase the chance of winning you must make good use of the various units at your disposal. Each unit has different strengths and weaknesses so please study the following information for an example on the strength/weakness relation of units before going into battle. Infantry > Weapons > Ranged Units > Cavalry > Infantry... etc. Along with strengths and weaknesses of the unit each race has their own characteristics which add an extra dynamic to every battle. See below for details:

  • Barracks - Elite in Weapon units.
  • Civil Workshop - Elite in Range units.
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem - Elite in Infantry units.
  • Byzantine Empire - Elite in Cavalry units.


In Uprising Empires the player can recruit a 'Hero' from their local Tavern that will lead an army of troops into battle. Throughout your journey and once certain conditions are met you will encounter rare heroes who will give you significant boosts towards your military or civil departments as well as the ability to command a larger number of troops.


All heroes have 7 slots of equipment available to them consisting of: Helmet, Armor, Weapon, Robe, Boots, Necklace and a Ring. Equipment for your heroes can be occasionally found as loot from NPC battles with a list of all the equipment currently obtained stored on the inventory page.

Setup ArmyEdit

After you have constructed training facilities and trained up your troops it is time to form an army and launch your first attack. This can be done from the Command Post which is also where you can assign a Hero to lead the army and tinker with the selection and arrangement of troops in any squadrons that you have.


The Infirmary is where you will have the chance to restore military personnel who were critically injured in battle.  Divided into two rows, the infirmary allows you to quickly revive the latest fallen units in exchange for Diamonds. Alternatively, you can choose to let some of these units perish and restore the survivors for free by trading your Gold.