Construction and Upgrading MaterialsEdit

Metal, Stone and Wood are the three resources used when constructing and upgrading your buildings. One of the first steps any Warlord should take is to build one of these resources facilities.


All tipes of resources: gold, wood, stone, metal, food, time (sec)


Maintaining a high and stable level of food production is an important aspect of the game as it is what your military need to consume in order to continue fighting.  Be warned, your military are only as loyal as their stomachs are full, if for some reason your food supply begins to dry up they will be the first members of your city to flee.


Gold is the currency of the game and it is therefore impossible to overstate its importance. Providing the ability to train units, recruit and heal heroes as well as researching new technologies Gold is paramount to your Empires survival. Players can collect Gold from either completing missions or by collecting gold tax from your citizens.