The Trebuchet is the preferred catapult design of choice in this age, possessing a high damage percentage to your opponents structures as well as an impressive targeting facility for those who wish to upgrade this unit to its maximum. Continue to upgrade the siege weapon to unlock more functions for this deadly weapon.Level Required Age BlacksmithResearch Building Lv Base Attacker Level Effect0 0 00:00:00 0 0 N/A1 2000 05:43:39 15 1 Unlock Trebuchet's Battle Assist (Destroying Walls)2 8000 23:37:05 15 2 Unlock Trebuchet's City Attack (Destroying Random Buildings)3 22000 66:57:30 15 3 Unlock Trebuchet's City Attack (Destroying Random Civil Buildings)4 52000 163:09:36 15 4 Unlock Trebuchet's City Attack (Destroying Random Military Buildings)5 114000 368:45:36 15 5 Unlock Trebuchet's City Attack (Destroying Random Resources Buildings)

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